Manta Bodyboard Drive PE 38" 40" 42"

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Manta Drive PE Bodyboard

Flexible board with single stringer control - sharp price point PE model

Step up from eps bodyboarding with the Drive - flexible but controlled

A Durable PE Core, with a fibre glass stringer and a classic Bodyboard shape. The Manta Drive is the board for the Bodyboard rider looking for that extra performance. The stringer keeps the Bodyboard stiff and fast, while the PE core allows for more manouever based riding with its foam memory.

Sizes: 38" / 40" / 42"

Features: PE core /  1 x stringer / XPS Slick / Channels / Nose Bulbs / Manta Plug

Why the Manta Drive Bodyboard is Special

Experience the superior strength of the Manta Drive Bodyboard.

At Manta Surf Co, we offer bodyboards that will give you incredible performance and reliable strength. The Manta Drive is backed by years of intimate understanding and testing.

Benefits of the Manta Drive Bodyboard

Here are some benefits of one of the original, premium boards in Australia.

  • Manta is the original Australian bodyboard brand, founded in 1985. With that much experience, it is easy to see why our brand is so well-respected. We understand exactly what you need from a bodyboard.
  • We create boards that support riders of any experience level as they take on any waves with gorgeous board designs and dependable materials.
  • Our brand grew out of Cronulla, a place with considerable waves to truly test the durability and power of our Manta boards. Through our own practice, we have infused our models with new concepts over the years, and our commitment to bodyboard innovation continues today.

Problems That Manta Surf Co Addresses

We are here to give you an incredible bodyboarding experience. Here’s what Manta Surf Co can do for you.

  • Starting a bodyboarding hobby feels like embarking on a brand-new and sometimes challenging adventure. You can feel safe knowing that with over 33 years of knowledge backing our boards, they are built to survive even the toughest waves.
  • We offer you the chance to escape the humdrum routine of daily life and experience your off time in an entirely new way. Get out on the water and see the world differently with your new Manta Drive Bodyboard.

Contact us today to find out more about the Manta Drive Bodyboard.

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