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ELNINO Softboards

 Elnino Australian Designed Softboards

Learner Boards Intermediate to Advanced.

Standard with Legrope - Easy install Elnino Fin System.

Where to Turn When You're Interested in Purchasing Soft Surfboards for Sale

Explore soft surfboards for sale for a gateway to the waves.

Initially intended for beginners, softboards have exploded in popularity in recent years with surfers of all ages and skill levels — and for good reason. Who says you have to pick up a more demanding board to keep having fun as you master the skill of surfing the waves? At Manta Surf Co, our Elnino brand softsurfboards available online offer an easy way to start having fun with this alternative option.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Before You Buy a Soft Surfboard

Buying a board is an important step whether you're starting fresh or just looking for something to add to your arsenal of options. Before you buy a softboard online, though, make sure you aren't about to commit one of these common errors:

  • Don't try to skip straight to a board intended for more experienced riders. Take time to explore your options and don't be afraid to ask questions when you aren't sure if a board will indeed provide you with the right feel.
  • Size matters — at least when it comes to what type of surfboard you buy. Choosing a board that is too long or too short can make the learning process more difficult than necessary. Think carefully about your choice in this area.
  • Don't forget to consider features or specifications that will impact your ability to enjoy the product. From the style of the board itself to the way its stringers are set up, look at a board's every aspect.

By thinking carefully about your choices and what will work best for you in the water, you can find the soft surfboards for sale that best meet your needs.

What Sets Manta Surf Co's Foam Surfboards for Sale Apart from Others?

So why choose Manta Surf Co and our storied brands when you want to tap into the benefits softboards can offer? Consider what about we do makes us stand out from the crowd:

  • Our brand incorporates years of experience and quality. Elnino softboards have delivered a high-quality, technologically-sound selection of foam boards for two decades running.
  • A passion for developing products that open the door to developing a love for surfing. From the rugged exterior decking that ensures your board can take a beating and still perform, to our stringer setup that provides for smooth control in the water.
  • Designed by surfers with surfers in mind. Ultimately, we're all here for the same thing: an excellent experience. Everything, from our products to our customer service, serves to enable that goal.

With this dedication to quality backed up by an extensive range of soft surfboards online, finding a board that feels good and handles the way you prefer is easy.

Why You Should Make Manta Surf Co Your Choice

With a long heritage in the surfing industry, we offer better value across the board thanks to our superior style and technology. Our understanding of how our boards perform in the waves, plus our dedication to enabling others to have thrilling adventures in the water, drive our efforts. Contact us today for valuable support.

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Purchase Your Elnino Boards at Manta Surf Co

Are you looking for a great selection of Elnino boards?

Make sure to check out the incredible surfboard choices at Manta Surf Co. We are a trusted name for boards throughout Australia with additional options for accessories you need as a surfer.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of an Elnino Softboard for Sale

If you want to get more value out of an Elnino softboard online, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Get a bag for it: One of the most important purchases that you make other than your soft surfboard is a bag for it. Surfboards take a good beating when they are in the water, so you always want to protect it as much as possible while you’re transporting it.
  • Keep it in a safe location: When you are not using your surfboard, don’t forget to put it in an area that is out of harm's way. People often make the mistake of leaving their boards latched to their cars, either on the roof or the back bumper. It’s not advisable to leave any board outside in the elements.
  • Stay on top of maintenance: If you notice a deformity in your board, don’t delay in getting it fixed. Catching the perfect wave is nearly impossible if you are riding on a piece of equipment that needs repairs. Before you go surfing, don’t forget to inspect your board to ensure there are no issues.

What Sets Manta Surf Co Apart Regarding an Elnino Soft Surfboard

We set ourselves apart with our Elnino boards in the below ways:

  • Incredible selection: We understand that every surfer has their preference when it comes to the brand of board that they prefer. We aim to cater to every surfer with a wide selection of boards by carrying several brands.
  • Affordable prices: Our company knows the joy that surfing brings - a fantastic range of emotions. The feeling of freedom as you glide on a massive wave is indescribable. We make it so that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to purchase the gear you need to enjoy this experience.
  • Friendly customer service: We know that choosing the right surfboard is an important decision. If you need any guidance, our team is here to help you with any questions or concerns that you have while finding a board or accessories.

Why You Should Use Manta Surf Co

Manta Surf Co is an authority in the surfboard industry. We are proud to carry a high-quality Elnino softboard range online to meet the needs of every surfer. Our boards and accessories are high quality and built tough to endure being thrown around by intense waves. We are proud to keep our store up-to-date with all the latest selections in boards with shipping options to get your purchase to you quickly and efficiently.

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