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Manta and 4Play International Bodyboard Brands - Australian 

Manta born in Cronulla, still there. Since 1985 - the original

4Play - the Bodyboard revolution on the central Coast NSW. Journey started 1999

Manta Bodyboards in Australia Can Turn Any Wave into a Fun Experience

Manta Surf Co offers a variety of high-quality bodyboards in Australia.

If you live near a beach and own a bodyboard, you know how incredible they are to surf on and how they can turn each wave into a memorable surf. For those who are interested in buying a bodyboard, we can safely say that it will be an investment you will fondly use at any beach. At Manta Surf Co, we aim to provide you with a bodyboard that is both durable and stylish. Designed to be technically strong, our bodyboards are tough enough to surf any wave.

Common Mistakes People Make When Using Bodyboards in Australia

If you are new to surfing, then there are a few important things to know. It is easy to make a mistake out in the water, but in the wrong scenario, that mistake could be costly. Here are a few mistakes people make when surfing and a few things to keep in mind when you are in the ocean.

  • Don’t take on waves you're not ready for: If you have never surfed before, we advise that you don't take on waves that are bigger than you. The professional bodyboarders got to where they are by never taking on more than they can handle. Start small and work your way up, you'll have fun no matter the wave.
  • Beware of your surroundings: When you are out in the ocean, it is essential to be aware of what's around. There are people, rocks and various ocean wildlife. If you are not careful, you could surf into something or someone. Always know what's around you so that you can fully enjoy your surfing experience.
  • Pick your days: Going on a sunny day is better than going when there is a storm. If you choose the right day to go surfing, it can indeed make a difference. Make sure you are never endangered by severe weather conditions; surf on days with optimal waves and maximum fun.

Related Services We Provide to Bodyboards in Australia

At Manta Surf Co, we provide a vast selection of accessories that can help you fully customise your surfing experience. Our products are designed to last and to help you have fun out there in the ocean. Some other services we provide to assist in your surfing adventure include:

  • Bodyboard SwimFins: Get the propulsion you need with our bodyboard swimfins. With these fins behind you, you'll be able to paddle faster. These fins are ideal for beginners who are new to swimming among the waves. Once you own a pair of fins, you will see the difference they make to your surfing routine. Manta has developed proprietary swimfin moulds to address all levels of the market – our range includes the Blade and the higher level Clone and 4fit swimfins. All feature comfy wide foot pockets and drainage holes. Our fins are all natural rubber and float in the water.
  • Board Leashes: An ocean current is strong and can sometimes come between you and your bodyboard. A wrist or bicep coil can stop your board from being washed away to sea. Made with high-quality materials, your board will never leave your side once you've attached your leash.

If you want a high performing bodyboard, contact us today and start your surfing adventure with the ideal board.

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