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MANTA Phantom PE Bodyboard Package - flexible and stable PE bodyboard with  a huge value package

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This Bodyboard package should appeal to all intermediate riders


A powerful double stringer Manta Phantom PE Bodyboard for intermediate through to advanced riders and as a step

up from base EPS core Bodyboards.

PE Bodyboards offer sophisticated flex and strength characteristics - for the rider who wants great performance

but not ready to go with a PP core. The package adds superb Clone swimfins with rigid side rails and superbly comfortable

wide footpocket. Add the Manta twin swivel performance wrist coil and a Manta urban padded cover for the complete

bodyboard package

 (colours out of stock: 38" Red/Sky Blue; 42" Quartz Grey)


Pack Contains: Phantom Bodyboard / Urban Padded Cover / Manta Performance Wrist Coil /

Manta Clone Swimfins/ Manta fin socks/Manta fin saver