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Manta "Black  Concept" bodyboard - from the Manta development workshop

Top of the Range PPhd Manta Bodyboard (forward orders for mid October)


Refined for 2020 with a new fully functional deck control system.The Black Concept looks stylish, performs to perfection. Riders who want to take it all on will love these.

Black Division Bodyboard tuned and designed for the advanced rider tackling all conditions. This Bodyboard represents Manta research and development since 1985 based in Sutherland Shire Sydney.


Finely tuned BPPHD core combines with the Diamond Flex mesh and Surlyn slick to deliver the

best combination Bodyboard for every condition. Black Concept delivers.


Bodyboard Specs: 

BPPHD core - high density core, supreme bodyboarding core system

Perimeter deck control system - Manta 90's inspired system

Surlyn Slick

50/50 Rails

Twin G Glass stringers

Qmesh water control system

Nose and Tail internal bumper protection system

Nose bulbs