Elnino Cruiser 8' Softboard incl legrope

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Elnino 8'0 mal softboard:


A good sized softboard for everyone.

8'0" Softboard with mal shaped forward section will give you confidence at all levels and sizes of waves, next step up for stability from the 7'6" Softboard.  Handles all sizes of riders - a nice size.  Fuller Mal shape Softboard. This Softboard has dynamic looks, the design has been developed over many years since 1999 and tested here in Australia. Elnino is based in Cronulla - the Softboards are made from our moulds in China.

Our stringers work to give flex and strength - we've tried all other approaches including fibreglass but the natural sandwich timber stringer construction delivers everything you need.



Softboard construction includes Triple flexible stringers to enhance rigidity and nose and tail bumpers for longevity. 


3 x stringers / High Grade EPS Core / Detachable triple fin system/ Swivel legrope - FULL PACKAGE READY TO SURF



Length : 8'0" Width  22 1/2" | Thickness  3" | Volume 82 litres


Up to 130kg