Manta Cover Towel Bodyboard Cover

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MANTA Bodyboard Towel Cover


Stretch Cover, Fits one bodyboard, one size fits up to 40" .

Purchase Your Bodyboard Cover at Manta Surf Co

A bodyboard cover is a must-have for every bodyboard owner.

If you own a bodyboard, you should always invest in a cover. It’s important not to choose just any cover but one that offers your board the most protection from any possible damage.

The Importance of a Bodyboard Cover

A bodyboard cover is essential because it:

  • Protects your board during transport
  • Keeps your board easy to clean
  • Brings out your unique style and personality

Problems Manta Surf Go Addresses

Our company aims to address the following issues in the world of surfing:

  • Often, if you are limited in your choices for surfing products, you feel pressured to select what may not be the best in quality. We have built our business around offering you the best options when it comes to picking out the right bodyboard and surfing accessories.
  • Lack of guidance when it comes to making the right choice
  • Spending too much money on a less than stellar product

Our experienced team helps you to avoid these potentially costly problems.

About Manta Surf Co

Manta Surf Co is a trusted name in the surf industry. We offer a quality selection of bodyboards and accessories such as covers to ensure you get the most out of your board. Our friendly customer service team is available to answer any questions you have about our covers.

If you are interested in one of our bodyboards, we encourage you to call us on 02 8536 4702 or click over to our contact page for ways to reach out to us electronically.

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