MANTA Dart 33" Bodyboard MINI

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Manta Dart 33" Bodyboard - kids starter bodyboard

Manta quality in a junior package


The Ultimate Junior Manta Bodyboard. A Dynamic Bodyboard Shape,

Scaled Down to a 33 inch size for the Junior Rider.


Size: 33"


Dart 33" Bodyboard Features: EPS core /  HDPE Slick / Channels / Basic Leash

Teach Your Young Kids to Ride the Waves with a Manta Dart Bodyboard

Our Manta Dart bodyboard is the perfect size for kids.

Our mini boards are manufactured to the same high-quality standard as our bigger boards to give your child the innovative design they need for catching waves. The smaller size allows your child to control the board in the water as they learn to bodyboard.

Common Mistakes People Make with a Manta Dart Bodyboard

Our Manta Dart bodyboard is ideal for beginners. Common mistakes people make with this board include:

  • While this board offers you a rigid core for stability and is easy to learn on, a skilled rider will place it under stress and cause it to snap.
  • Our 22” mini Dart bodyboard is suitable for up to 3 years of age, however, be sure that you consider the size of your child and size up when needed.
  • Some parents opt for a cheaper alternative without realising the value of the innovative design which makes it easier for your child to catch waves.

Manta Surf Co is the original bodyboarding brand in Australia. Our products are technically crafted and designed with performance and style in mind.

Problems Manta Surf Co Addresses

We offer an extensive range of bodyboards so that you select one that best suits your needs and riding style. We offer:

  • Boards for every skill level from beginner to advanced.
  • A range that includes a variety of sizes for different body shapes. This includes boards for children and larger riders.
  • The competitive pricing on our boards means you can acquire the quality and performance board you deserve.

Our experience of more than 30 decades in the industry provides your family with high-performing boards.

What You Stand to Lose Without a Manta Surf Co Board

With our boards, you give your child the rigidity and stability they need to build confidence and skills in the water. Contact us today for an ideal board that will see your child easily catch waves and enjoy the beach experience.


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