Kids Bodyboard

Experience Matters When it Comes to Bodyboards for Kids

Our bodyboards for kids come with years of experience in design.

Wave riders insist on the best products for catching killer waves. Manta has been producing quality bodyboards for over three decades and is continually producing lighter and stronger bodyboards for every size and skill level. We test our products using real-life wave riders who provide valuable feedback regarding strength and flexibility, to ensure our bodyboards live up to your expectations. We strive to be the best in the industry by delivering a quality product for your surf activities.

Problems Manta Surf Co Addresses

Parents want to provide the best equipment to ensure their children’s safety in the water, and Manta understands this desire.

  • Offering a quality kids bodyboard provides parents with peace of mind when their offspring venture into the waves. We start with an EPS core that is both sturdy and lightweight, and top it with an HDPE slip lining to hold riders steady. Our Alien bodyboard is designed with a concave contour which keeps riders centred and stable while riding the waves.
  • The Alien board features built in grab handles for a solid grip enable riders more ability to control the board in heavy surf. An attached tow rope is included offering additional boating fun for the whole family.
  • The Alien board includes a tow rope to provide maximum family fun close to the beach
  • The Manta Alien Bodyboard is designed specifically for smaller bodies who want to enjoy bodysurfing like their idols. It is lightweight and flexible and is a great introduction to bodysurfing.

The Importance of Quality Bodyboards for Kids

Manta was founded in 1985 in Cronulla and our main focus is to continually design sturdy yet flexible products for wave lovers that fit every budget and skill level.

  • Purchasing a quality children’s bodyboard ensures hours of fun in the sun and surf.
  • The quality design provides riders with a product that was constructed to withstand harsh riding conditions.
  • The built in grab handles and tow rope offer riders more control and flexibility.

Why Manta Surf Co is Cost Effective

We have been in the surf business for 33 years and strive to produce quality bodyboards for our water loving customers. We sell directly to the public at our outlet store in Caringbah, through surf retailers, external online retailers and online via We offer a 90 day warranty against manufacturer defects and instruct our customers on proper care to extend the life of our bodyboards. Cleaning your bodyboard with fresh water after each use and storing it in a cool, dry place (preferably in the shade) provides longer life. Do not store it in or on a hot car, or over flex your board to maintain longer life of the product.

When it comes to riding waves or being towed behind water craft, Manta bodyboards supply hours of quality fun for those children of all ages who like to push the limits. Our experience in the bodyboard industry relates to a quality product for your family. Contact our friendly associates for more information on our Manta line of bodyboards and supplemental equipment for your next trip to the beach.