Soft Surfboards Sydney

Experience the Thrill of a Wave with Soft Surfboards at Sydney Beaches

Our soft surfboards make Sydney beach adventures more exciting.

Whether you’ve never been on a surfboard or are an experienced rider, our selection of boards caters to every performance level and will add an element of thrill when catching a wave. At Manta Surf Co, our technically crafted products will give you what you need to have fun in the water.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Softboards from Our Sydney Shop

Your time spent at the beach and experiencing all it has to offer will be more exciting when you are confident that your surfboard will be effective in the water. Consider these tips when selecting a soft surfboard:

  • Size: As a general rule, when you buy a board for a child a 6-foot board is ideal and for an adult - around 7-8 feet. You should also take into consideration the weight of the rider and buy a board accordingly. The bigger the board, the more flotation you will have in the water, and you will find it easier to stand up when riding a wave.
  • Durable: We know surfers enjoy travelling and hitting different beaches for a new thrill. Your soft board will travel well in planes and vehicles with minimal damage because they are so durable. You will also notice the soft deck and rail make for a safer board when out on the water. These boards will soften any blow to another surfer’s body and prevent you from putting dings in their board.
  • Experience: As a learner surfer, you will benefit from using a longer soft board. You will appreciate the stability of these boards in the water, and you will catch waves more easily. Surf schools commonly use foam boards for teaching purposes, so you are guaranteed to get the hang of it and enjoy the experience. For an experienced surfer, there a several short and longboard options that will give you the fun performance and manoeuvrability you require.

Related Services We Provide to Foam Surfboards for Your Sydney Adventures

Our products create fun adventures on the water. For you to learn and test out new skills, we also offer other board types including:

  • Stand Up Paddle Boards: These longer boards are versatile as they allow you to catch waves as well as explore the still waters of lakes and rivers. Your paddle is used to propel your board into the correct position of a breaking wave as well as to balance and steer.
  • Bodyboards: As an alternative to surfing, bodyboards are a cost-effective way for you to enjoy the thrill of riding a wave. You will find transporting your bodyboard to the beach hassle-free as they easily fit in the boot of your car. We have a wide selection of bodyboards for beginners and experienced riders.
  • Nipper Board: Our elnino Nipper Board lets you share your surfing knowledge and experience with your children. This soft board features heavy-duty soft-grip handles and a concave deck for added stability while your child is learning to surf.

Why You Should Trust Manta Surf Co with Surfboards and Bodyboards for Sydney Beaches

As the original Australian bodyboard brand, we have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Our products are innovative and have continued to evolve technically through the years to continually deliver high-performing quality products. Our range of boards gives you several options for fun out in the water, regardless of your skill level. Contact us today to select a board that is right for you.