Bodyboards Melbourne

Buy Great Bodyboards and Softboards in Melbourne

There’s good news about buying bodyboards in Melbourne.

Manta Surf Co gives you the chance to find awesome boards from trusted brands that you can see on the beach every holiday. Find the perfect board for you direct from the source.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Bodyboards in Melbourne

These handy points will help you make a great decision about buying boards.

  • Stick with a name you know and trust, so you minimise risk.
  • Seek out savings such as package deals to get all you need on a budget.
  • Know the kind of surfing you want to do and get the right kind of board.

What Sets Manta Surf Co Apart Regarding Bodyboards in Melbourne

Manta Surf Co helps you with several benefits to our service.

  • Every board is sold under warranty to protect your purchase.
  • We have boards for every skill level and surfing style.
  • Manta boards are the product of decades of experience on the water.

It’s hard to go wrong when you buy Manta boards.

Why Trust Manta Surf Co for Softboards in Melbourne?

We’ve been making boards for over three decades and combine the quality names that you’ve seen every year on holiday. Find Manta, Elnino, and 4Play bodyboards in a variety of designs and styles. Given the selection, you’re sure to find one that suits your personality and skill level. Contact us to learn more about our bodyboards and softboards.