Soft Foam Surfboards Gold Coast

Looking for Soft Foam Surfboards in Brisbane, The Gold Coast? Buy from Manta Surf Co

Enjoy summer with soft surfboards in The Gold Coast.

Manta Surf Co has some of the best brands on the market when it comes to foam surfboards available in The Gold Coast. With trusted names such as Manta, Elnino, and 4Play, you know that you’ll find the perfect boards to catch waves on beautiful summer days.

What You Can Expect from Manta Surf Co Regarding Bodyboards in The Gold Coast

There are several advantages to browsing our vast selection of bodyboards and foam surfboards.

  • Quality at All Price Points – Whether you’re looking for a starter board or want a premium selection at the top of the market such as the Manta Black model, we can help you find the right board. While you’re searching, you’ll notice that all our boards are stylish and ensure that you look good when you escape the over-serious world.
  • Technical Expertise – Manta boards have been on the market for over three decades, first releasing in 1985, while Elnino has been crushing waves since 1999. These great boards have a loyal following since they started, and that’s due to the continual innovation and craftsmanship that goes into making each board.
  • Amazing Selection – With multiple top-name brands of boards, our selection is sure to impress. You’ll find the perfect soft surfboards for The Gold Coast adventures on the water. Experience the skill-rewarding 4Play brand to show off to your friends and everyone else at the beach on holiday.

What Sets Manta Surf Co Apart Regarding Bodyboards in Brisbane

It’s one thing to have the best boards available; it’s another to know what you’re talking about and earn the trust of numerous enthusiasts.

  • Decades of Experience – Manta Surf Co has been manufacturing, testing, and developing a series of ever-improving boards for many years. These boards are fashioned by people who care about surfing and truly understand the enjoyment and happiness it brings.
  • Brands Proven on the Water – There’s no better test of quality than actual surfers on real waves. Go to any Australian beach, and you’ll see Manta and Elnino boards cresting waves and bringing friends together. When it comes to your boards, let the only unknown be when the next wave is coming in.
  • Fun and Challenging – For any skill level, you’ll find a board suited for you. Whether you want to relax and unwind or push your limits and see if you can make your board fly, Manta Surf Co has you covered.

Trust in the thousands of surfers who take to the waves every year with our boards and make the most of your summer holidays.

Why You Should Buy from Manta Surf Co

The beach is beautiful, but the waves were made for surfing. Now that you’ve read about our experience and how we can help you find the right board, you can feel comfortable buying soft surfboards in The Gold Coast. Contact us today to get help finding the right one for you.