Bodyboard Packages

Cut Costs, Not Quality with Manta Surf Co Bodyboard Packages and Deals

Buy bodyboard packages to get surfing swiftly.

Your life already has enough stress from work and everything else that’s going on. Don’t let your search for the right bodyboard add more strain. Instead, look to Manta Surf Co’s bodyboard packages to surf without breaking your budget.

What You Can Expect from Manta Surf Co’s Bodyboard Packages

Our bodyboard packages make it easy to get everything you need to make the most of your holidays.

  • A great board with great accessories, including bag, fins, leash, and fin savers.
  • Package pricing that saves you hundreds of dollars.
  • The same excellent quality that you’ve seen and experienced from Manta for over 30 years.

What Sets Manta Surf Co Apart Regarding Bodyboard Package Deals

It’s easy to get waylaid when looking for savings. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • Cut costs without cutting corners; our name means quality and has a heritage to back it up.
  • Several options to choose from, rather than just “what’s left over.”
  • Protective warranty comes standard on all Manta boards and accessories.

You can rely on Manta’s quality to know you’re getting a great deal you won’t regret.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use Manta Surf Co

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a great time this summer. Manta bodyboard packages are the perfect way to get you surfing, help a friend get the board they need to take their surfing to the next level or to upgrade and replace your old board and accessories. Contact us to learn more about the package deals we have available.