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Vudu 6ft Double Swivel Surfboard Legrope

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Product Description

VUDU 6'0 Double Swiveled Surfboard Legrope

5.5mm / Super Lightweight / Performance Leash

Legropes for Surfboards and Leash Bodyboards Keep You in the Action

Surfboard leg ropes or a leash bodyboard retain control of your board.

No one plans to wipe out, but it happens. Trying to catch an errant surfboard or bodyboard expends energy you’d rather put into surfing. Vault2U has a selection of leashes for both surfboards and bodyboards.

Problems aBodyboard Leash Addresses

Manta has been designing and manufacturing bodyboards for over 30 years in Australia.

  • Adding a leash to your bodyboard eliminates wasting valuable surf time chasing your board down the beach.
  • The Manta Performance Wrist Coil features a double stainless steel swivel for fluid movement.
  • The Velcro wrist cuff fits all sizes and is heavily padded for comfort.

Our experienced staff can offer more information regarding our selection of leashes.

The Importance of Leg Ropes

Surfboards that get away from the rider pose potential bodily harm to both surfer and swimmers in the vicinity.

  • Surfboard legropes were invented in the 1970s to prevent accidents.
  • Using legropes allow you to quickly retrieve your board and get back in the action.
  • Legropes prevent boards from crashing into people wading in the surf.

Why Trust Vault2U Regarding a Bodyboard Leash or VUDU Legrope

We offer quality Manta products at wholesale prices, giving you the best value for your money. We provide a 90 day warranty that covers factory defects, and our experience in the surfing industry ensures you receive a quality product.

Don’t waste water time chasing your board. Contact our friendly staff and keep your board firmly attached to you.

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