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Nipper boards -  Learn to surf. Soft tops - 4 easy hold handles with concave deck. Top Value

Nipper Boards Offer the Perfect Opportunity for Making a Start with Surfing

With a nipper board, safely teaching kids to surf is easier.

Almost everyone is intimidated the first time they think about paddling out into the sea and trying to catch a wave. Likewise, once you do surf successfully, almost everyone finds themselves an instant fan for life. For children and young ones interested in exploring the sport, the right type of board is crucial not only for enabling them to have fun but to learn safely and effectively, too.

The Benefits of an Elnino Nipper Board from Manta Surf Co

At Manta Surf Co, we're proud to offer you access to a high-quality nipperboard developed with young beginners in mind. These boards come with a variety of advantages that make them well-suited to the task, including:

  • Heavy-duty construction that doesn't compromise on safety and softness. Built around a well-engineered core with a very durable exterior, these boards still offer the soft surface and forgiving behaviour in the water that makes building confidence a breeze.
  • A straightforward, simple way to show the little ones just how much fun one can have with a day in the water. These boards float effortlessly, are not difficult to manoeuvre, and feature a concave deck on top. This allows for more natural standing — always the hardest part of learning.
  • A versatile choice for different forms of surf activity. From actual surfing to bodyboarding and more, these nipper boards work in various situations. Handles made from soft materials for comfortable gripping mean you can just as easily lie prone as you can stand.

Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Foam Nipper Board

Having access to a superior option for a nipper surfboard makes things easy, but that doesn't mean you should rush into any decisions. First, think carefully to avoid making some of these frequent mistakes:

  • Failing to take board size into account when making a selection. Though these boards are often small, they may not be the correct size for the rider you have in mind. Consult with the pros for helpful advice.
  • Missing the value of experience in choosing a board from a trusted brand. Boards from a company with a longstanding heritage reflect a tradition of design and quality. Don't pass up the chance to tap into that experience.
  • Forgetting to plan for the future of your child's surfing skills. Ultimately, a nipper board won't last forever; your child will grow, as will their skill level. Don't forget that you may need other boards later. Manta Surf Co has tonnes of different options for upgrades to consider.

By watching out for these typical issues, you can skip the stress and head straight to the waves.

About Manta Surf Co

Originally founded in 1985, Manta Surf Co today is a collection of renowned Australian surfing brands including Elnino, built around an experienced team of people who simply love surfing. From the foundation of our heritage, we've developed cutting edge product lines that use sound surfing technology and proven materials to deliver nipperboards that will quickly show beginners the true and exhilarating nature of riding the waves. Explore your options online right now, or get in touch with our team for helpful answers to your questions.

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