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Buy Manta Bodyboards for Sale in Australia through Manta Surf Co

Find trusted manta boards in our store.

We have a great online store that’s organised and stocked to help you find one of the best brands of bodyboards: Manta. Take some time to browse around and find the right style for you and how you’d like to surf on holiday.

What Sets Manta Surf Co Apart Regarding Manta Bodyboards in Australia

We are uniquely positioned to help you buy Manta bodyboards with the right support.

  • We Make Them – Manta Surf Co continually redefines the cutting edge of quality when it comes to boards, and Manta boards showcase the benefit of both our legacy and innovation. Who better to get these boards from than the makers themselves?
  • Extensive Experience – Manta boards have been on the waves for decades, first breaking onto the scene in 1985. During that time, the brand has expanded into new designs, innovative materials, and strong, aerodynamic shapes. We continually take the best from our heritage and strive to improve ever more
  • Awesome Accessories – You’ll find more than just boards available. We carry numerous bodyboard bags, leashes, swimfins and other accessories that are perfectly designed for your Manta boards.

Manta Surf Co is your premier source for boards. Take advantage of our online wholesale shop to get your boards.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Manta Bodyboards for Sale

People can still make errors when considering what Manta Surf Co has to offer. Don’t get tripped up on these points:

  • Our boards aren’t one-size-fits-all. Depending on your skill level, the type of surfing you want to do, and your budget, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a board that suits your needs swimmingly.
  • We don’t sit still, so the current generation of boards always improves. Today, we proudly offer excellent quality middle-market offerings, but balance that with the high-end Manta Black model.
  • You’re covered by warranty on every Manta board and accessory. We stand by the quality of our products and back that up with money on the line. Our designs also ensure that each board uses the best materials available.

Manta boards are a consistently safe choice when shopping for a board for your upcoming holidays.

About Manta Surf Co

Manta Surf Co has been making the premier Australian boards for decades, including the flagship Manta brand (founded in 1985), Elnino (founded in 1999), and 4Play bodyboards (also founded in 1999).

We’re passionate about surfing, so we put our pride and dedication into each board we make. We offer great value whether in local shops or online. You’ll feel the difference when you take to the waves and experience new Manta boards. Contact us today to find out the right Manta board for you.

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